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My Fantasy (Get outta here you Pervert!)

Back when alternative endings to a show were just a fantasy. You raped her! You murdered her! You killed her children. I sat on the edge of my couch while watching this. That right there was important. I knew there were a few more minutes before the episode ended. And Oberyn Martell was winning. My problem with it was that it was easy. Almost too easy, so I knew there was something more to it. Little did I know that in the next ten seconds Oberyn would be on the ground, ‘The Mountain’ over his chest gouging his eyes out and smashing his skull. I just sat there staring at my face on the black screen that appeared after with the end credits. What followed was a conversation with my friends regarding how he would’ve been alive if he had killed ‘The Mountain’ when he had the chance to. I always get so attached to characters that it is hard to let them go. I remember seeing a thousand posts on my facebook wall the day Derek Shepherd died on Greys Anatomy. People were devastated. They wa…

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