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Have You Ever Been There?

Have you ever been there?
A place,  Where the biggest room seemed small,  Where the most crowded places seemed empty,  Where laughter took the life away from you, 
Have you ever been there? Where you stopped believing, having faith,  Failed yourself while trying to provide,  Because it was the norm. 
Have you ever been there? Where you have been blind by the dust of the concrete,  Where rubble lay next to you,  With the hand of your baby sticking out. 
Have you ever been there? Where you hid those black and blues,  When you saw your child walk in. 
Have you ever been there? Where you smiled while in despair and hoped it would stay,  Where tears rolled down while you stared at the mirror,  Shouting Please!
As if someone were listening, 
Oh, foolishness! Look what you have done,  Now laugh. 

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