XOXO..satans can be nice..my sis is..:)

People often tell me that having an elder sibling is nice, coz u know they guide u and blah blah blah..!!

I tell you what, i really wanna ask them... " what are you guys tripping on?"...!!!!

I'll give you a reality check..having an elder sibling is more a pain in the ass than anything else..!!

Want examples?? What am i here for..:)

Chapter 1:

*beep beep..

I pull out my cell outta my pocket, it reads..

1 message, ammy.

" Come asap to my dance class, I have to ask you something".

I get nervous thinking shes found some skeleton in my closet and hurry.

me: What's up? What's wrong??

ammy: Nothing, I just wanted to ask you about the toefl exams..

me: (Phew..!! Stupid ass, got me worked up for nothing.) Aiyo..!! I thought someone died..!!Okay what do u wanna know??

so this goes on for a while..

me: Is that it?

she nods.

me: Okay, you always tell me I don't tell you anything..so I have something really exciting to tell you.

ammy: I have to go to class. It can wait.

me: Gosh! You're so selfish, ur works done and you wanna leave. For the first time I'm telling you something and you don't even care.

ammy: Fine!! Tell me.

me: Okay, so there's this guy..he's so cute..and his voice..ahhh..i'm in love..:)

So i tell her the story about my "teenage dream".

( okay for my conclusion, you have to read chapter 2 and chapter 3)

Chapter 2:

It's around 7.00pm, ammy and I are walking towards Tibetan plaza.
A bunch of Africans turn and look at me.

me: Did you see that?

ammy: See what?

me: You know? I dunno about any other guys, but I think black guys think I'm hot:)

ammy: Oh please!

me: No I'm not kidding. This isn't the first time. Every time I walk past Africans they totally check me out. I don't blame them. I am sorta hot..:)

ammy: You're outta your mind.

me: Just say ur jealous.

Chapter 3:

Kishore and I get back from a concert. My sister serves us dinner.

me: Kishore, tell her about the drummer..:)

kishore: Oh god..!! U tell her.

me: She wont believe me, so u tell her.

ammy: What is it?

kishore: Okay, the drummer was checking her out.

me: Okay tell me the truth. Are you sure he was looking at me?? Really?? Don't lie..!!

kishore: Get lost dude..!!

Okay, I've narrated three instances here..one thing common, cute guys.
And believe me, you know how my sister ends such conversations??

ammy: I don't think you should be thinking of boys. You're too young. I cant imagine you being in a relationship. You should give it some time.

me: Oh please, this is why i don't tell you anything..!!

Ammy, my dear sister..I'm 20. i have attained emotional maturity. i can very well know if some guy is an ass. so girl..CUT ME SOME SLACK COZ FOR YOU EVEN AFTER I GET MARRIED I'LL STILL NOT BE READY FOR A RELATIONSHIP WITH MY HUSBAND..!!!

Chapter 4:

ammy: Please finish this work for me.

me: No..!!

ammy: I've done so much, do this one tiny thing.

me: Get lost, what have you done?

ammy: Oh please, i was more like your mother when u were young and when mummy was working, i would finish everything without going out to play..all of it, FOR U..!!

me: Cut it out..!!You should stop watching ekta kapoor's serials and be in one!!

So, what did we learn from chapter 4??

Elder siblings always blackmail you for what they've done in the past. They would've done it for a couple of years but, they except the same from you till their oldage..!! They tend to be over dramatic, and if your too weak, you're life is OVER, I'm telling you its OVER..!!

So people?? Do you still want one?? I tell you what, if you don't stop tripping over whatever shit that is and don't realize that they are just Satans in disguise, they're gonna haunt you for ever.

2nd angle:

Despite all of the above, having an elder sister may have some advantages.

1: They start to earn way before you do so..hehehe..:)

2: If they go out of the country, your always the one to get more goodies.

3: They get married before you do and go away so your the master..muhahaha..!!

4: Stupid little things always go one step further and get you the best birthday
presents ( putting us in a lot of pressure coz we have to do the same)

5: When you have fever, they always check in the middle of the night if you're okay.

6: They always prepare something to eat when your friends are at home.

7: They always lend you money to go watch a movie with friends.

8: They can cook alright..:)

I dunno if the above are applicable to all, but to my sister it sure is. Damn her for being so nice sometimes.
You want to believe that you're gonna be just fine without them. But trust me, if it wasn't for my sister and her negative reinforcement (despite me getting a distinction), i would always feel like getting a distinction is the greatest achievement ever. If it wasn't for her i would probably be with some lame ass of a guy who would treat me badly. Hell, if it wasn't for her then i would not be the person i am.

So ammy, I may not tell you this very often, but i really love you and I'm glad that you of all people are my sister. Thank you for everything and thank you for trying to make me a stronger person..i know i can be one..:) i do not wanna say this but here it is, i think you're prettier than me..:) So ammy this ones for you:)

P.S: This is just my blog..i write many things to make it look glossy..so don't fly away my child..stay put on the ground..:P

xoxo..your crazy sister bunny..:)


  1. Nice one Bunny..! Keep it coming PR....!!!

  2. Ohh goshh, So cute you both aree!
    I love you both! <3 :*
    ;) :')
    Im crying happy tears :P


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