XOXO..schizophrenic bitch is my bff :)

Everyone after a while runs out of ideas.

Is it really true?? No..!!

And it took me just a couple of journalism classes, a few episodes of gossip girl and a dry period on facebook to realize that.

Look around and BHAMMM the idea hits u on your face.

Someone once told me "Bindya, Ur life is an open book on facebook!!"
I thought about it,
Is it a good thing or bad??

That's when I realised, what the hell, its one life we gotta live. Let people know who you are. Let people know what exactly Ur going through, be it about a good day or bad, people want to know about you, so instead of them speculating, tell them.

Gossip Girl has a narrator, who is a blogger, she talks about two girls and their lives in new york.
So instead of me blogging about two people I don't know, how about I blog about two people I do know??

So this my dear readers( if there are any) is about my life with my crazy bff prerana aka "la"..!!

So..exactly a year ago, she was just some extremely fair pretty goth girl who could sing well..

Now, she's still all of that and much more.

Will she like me writing about her?? I don't know. She's part of my life and so is this.

How did we start talking?? Its a long and creepy story. My guess is that you guys would think of us as freaks if I tell u, so I'll keep that one to myself.

My friendship with kishore was more like buy one and get one free, but today he's one of my best buddies with the cutest duck face. So why am I talking about him?? Well, coz he's the third stick on my tripod. Without him, this story doesn't really catch pace.

Back to la,

When we first started talking, i was more comfortable with kishore than with her. But we really hit it off when i had to pretend to be her lesbian partner to get guys outta her hair..i still pretend to be one:) so how did we manage it?


la: Omg!! It's that creep again!!

me: Who, what, where??

*slyly pointing out to a kashmiri vampire.

la: U know he started chatting with me on fb, he said he liked me..eewwww..!!

me: Why do u always attract such losers??

la: I have no clue.

me: So what did u say??

la: Haha..!! i told him i wasn't into guys..and i like girls..bwahahaha..!!

me: Haha..okay he's looking at you, hold my hand.

la: What??...ohhhh..okay:)

me: Come closer.

la: Nice..!! I like this.

*creeps staring at us..giving me the most creepiest looks. as if I'm spoiling her.

me: So baby, Ur place or mine??
*haha..that so didn't happen:)

But we could totally feel their eyes on our backs..i had to literally bite my lip to stop me from laughing.

So this was the first time we knew or at least i knew, we could hit it off as friends and it was with this that we transitioned from "hey, whats up? friends" to " ssup bitch ?friends"..:)


( half an hour to go before the bell rings)

me: I need to pee..!!

kishore: Again?? Dude, whats wrong with you? you just peed.

me: Whats Ur problem?? I'm not calling u..i have a tiny bladder, its not my problem.

la: Yeah kishore, whats Ur problem??

(looks at me, and smiles)

me: I really have to pee..!!

la: Go ask her..I'll come along.

(kishore makes a disgusted face,
I do the same.)

me: Okay, lets go.

And so we go, I pee..get outta the loo.

We look at each others faces in the mirror, we start to make really weird faces..

and we continue..

we sing making funny noises..

we continue..

and believe me this goes on for about 5 minutes, before someone else enters the loo..
la and me burst out laughing embarrassing the girl who walked in..:)

She looks at me and says,
la: Why are we like this dude..hahaha??

me: Hahaha..people will stop talking to us.

This ritual of ours went on for days..we never got bored of it, we still not are..:)

What changed was our questions to each other..
la: ( to me, in a sarcastic tone) Why are you like this?? what went wrong my child??

me: ( in the same tone)..Oh please, your the one to talk. i started all of this coz of u..!!

la: Good comeback..your the coolest friend ever..!! ( please note we're sarcastic everytime we say good things about each other..:)..)

me: Nahhh..your the coolest friend ever..:)


We'd just got back from anjali's shop, and i had to PEE ofcourse..:)
The loo's bloody crowded, we see a couple of our classmates..and my brilliant brain is struck with the most brilliant idea ever.

me: La, you know what would be fun?? ( she shows signs of interest and i continue) how about we enter the loo together, stay there for a while, and freak people out??

la: (pumped up about the idea) Are you serious?? ( before i can answer) lets do it..!!!;)

me: Okay, this ones empty, wait, lets wait till someone watches.

Some girl looks at us, i signal her to walk in and i follow her and lock ourselves.

We giggle loud enough for people to hear us..

me: ( in hushed tones) When u get out, set your hair right and make it look like we were upto something.

la: Haha..awesome.

After about 2 minutes we get out..
And guess what happens??

People see us walk out together..my classmates burst out laughing but..

There's always a but..

But..the others who saw us acted like it was common for two girls to walk out of the same loo..we didn't know what went wrong, whether we had to laugh or wonder whats wrong with the world..

We ended up laughing about for hours..it was by far the craziest thing we had done in college.


La more or less became my muse.

Everytime i went with my camera, I would end up taking her pictures. She never will get bored and neither will I.Everytime I look at her through my lens,a new idea would hit me and I shoot her that way.

Slowly i began to record everything that happened..and that resulted in my first movie..which is super personal and no one except 3-4 people can understand..it was me reliving my teenage dream.

It got all the more exciting with la beside me, making me blush, and jumping around with me, when I was happy..sneaking around with me just to get a quick look at him, messaging him and telling me every word of what he said.


matteo cafe..

la: I have something to tell you, and no one knows about it.
me: Hmmm..what???
la: When i was ..*beeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppp*...(censored as it is strictly confidential)
me: Whoaaaaa..you know what..me too..:)
la: Really?? omg!! we're soooo meant for each other..:)

It got to a point when we realized that we hung out with each other coz nobody is as crazy as us, nobody can deal with us..in plain words we tell ourselves that we hang out with each other coz nobody would hang out with us..:)

This is just a part of who we really are, but it is who we are..we are crazy, we do not for a second care what others think of us.

La, Babydoll..:

Ur my bff..

Ur my first stable relationship ever (touchwood)..

Ur the only one who can keep me entertained even during the most boring hours..

Ur one schizophrenic bitch who has auditory hallunications every few seconds,

Ur one tourette syndrome crazy crack whore who goes on singing the retarded "la la" song to irritate me.
But i still love you..I wanna grow rich, dine in the best places, go on double dates and flirt a little with ur husband

See you have babies who annoy the crap outta you..:)

Your all of that and you ask me..

la: " And I wonder... Why do I ever hang out with you??"

This is to u my peyton sawyerish girl friend..i love you and you know it..mwahhhhhh..:*

P.S: The above is no work of fiction, its all true..and yeah..this is one part of who i am..!!

xoxo..schizophrenic bitch's bff..:):)


  1. awwww... :) may u be like dis only .. :D and u both keep givin me somethin to think abt ;) haha

  2. Sooo cutee this is mann! <3


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