My Fantasy (Get outta here you Pervert!)

Back when alternative endings to a show were just a fantasy. You raped her! You murdered her! You killed her children. I sat on the edge of my couch while watching this. That right there was important. I knew there were a few more minutes before the episode ended. And Oberyn Martell was winning. My problem with it was that it was easy. Almost too easy, so I knew there was something more to it. Little did I know that in the next ten seconds Oberyn would be on the ground, ‘The Mountain’ over his chest gouging his eyes out and smashing his skull. I just sat there staring at my face on the black screen that appeared after with the end credits. What followed was a conversation with my friends regarding how he would’ve been alive if he had killed ‘The Mountain’ when he had the chance to. I always get so attached to characters that it is hard to let them go. I remember seeing a thousand posts on my facebook wall the day Derek Shepherd died on Greys Anatomy. People were devastated. They wanted him back on the show. My point here is, what if we could bring back these characters? I’m not suggesting that we bring them back to life. What I’m saying is what if we made these characters choose different paths from the one that is bound to end in the character's death. Growing up, I loved reading Goosebumps by R.L Stine. He had a series of Goosebumps where the reader becomes the main character and we choose the scare. At the end of a page were page numbers. Basically what it meant what that we choose the page number we want and the outcomes of the event changes depending on the page number we have chosen. Sometimes because of this, the story would come to an end at the very beginning. What if we presented the audience with different options. Thousand different permutation and combinations of possibilities to a story. Continuing the example of Game of Thrones, what if Oberyn did kill ‘The Mountain’ that day, what would the show have been like? What would Cersei do? What would Oberyn do to Tywin Lannister? Would Tyrion be set free? This, in turn, changes the story to everything else. I understand that shooting this might not be possible simply because of the budget. But keeping in mind innovation that has happened in the computer graphics industry, coming up with these possibilities might only be a click away. I also considered the fact that this would require interaction with the technology. Choosing an outcome would be like choosing a setting on the television set. You instruct the character on where they need to go and what they need to you. What about the story? The story cannot change. The story will remain how it was written. The ending would be the same. Just the path and direction you chose will be different. Your favourite character might not die a painful death. But he will die. But he might die a hero. Does it mean that some might reach the end sooner than the others? No. There are certain characters that need to finish certain tasks which might include dying, making love with another character or giving birth. Until all purposes of the characters are not fulfilled you do not reach the end. What follows is boring. So, I'd rather not.


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