empty within..

Your trying hard to help someone get over something..
you try and understand the situation..see it in a way that they cant and explain it to them..
and that’s when u realize your mistake..and by then its already too late..!!
You find yourself surrounded by people you love but still feel lonely..its like being stranded on a lonely island..
you see the lighthouse far away but the light cant reach u..what do u do?
What can you do?
Will you just sit there waiting for some angel to arrive or what??
Who’s gonna help you?
If you understand what I mean..or if you have been in a similar situation..tell me..cause I’m lost..
My angel has got to be me..but what am I trying to do?
What can I tell myself?
I have everything I want in life but yet it feels empty..
what is my purpose?
What am I looking for?
You look deep into yourself..do you just go on and live with it or you make an effort to get out of it?
I already know what I should do..what am I waiting for?
I look close and I know that the world is the most colourful place but then it turns all grey..
moving past the grey is like trying to move a boulder..
why does it get so hard? I mean they do say that nothing is impossible..
what is your creative mind telling you?
If I could only take a grey picture and turn it into a colourful one..!!!


  1. I can relate to whatever you are saying.It is inevitable to escape from the hollow feeling gaping at you always.The point is to just move on and not focus on that too much.


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