fog, graveyards and me..!!

Today someone asked me " who i was"


I thought,

and I thought..

who am I in ten sentences..

well I am,

I'm someone who thinks..

1: Fog spells mystery and I want to be it.

2: The world is better and much happier through my lens.

3: I want to live with Edgar Allan Poe and know him better, but he's dead .

4: Mani Rathnam is a creative genius and I can be one.

5:I think strawberries are much sweeter than they are.

6: I'm fascinated by graveyards, but I'm scared of it coz I think it'll reveal my

7: I think I'm fat and ugly on the outside, but beautiful inside.

8: I think this world deserves me coz of what I really am no matter what people think.

this is me today in less than 10 sentences.

but I could be much more tomorrow..or LESS.

I can be anyone if i wish to be.


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