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My take on the movie serendipity( presently topping my list of the best romantic flick) and my love life which is suffering severely due to lack of it!!

In an episode of food paradise, travel and living, they showcased the best ice creams parlours all over US of A. And that’s when I knew that there is a place named serendipity in New York where they sell cold frozen hot chocolate drink. And then my friend passed on a DVD wid a couple of movies and incidentally serendipity was a part of it. Since i was coming across the word a lot, i decided to give it a go. Now serendipity is a movie with John Cusack as Jonathan Trager and Kate Beckinsale as Sarah Thomas.

Sarah is the kinda girl who believes in karma, destiny.

And Jon...well, he’s just another cute guy.

After their first meeting Sarah decides that fate should take its course.

Sarah leaves her name and number on a book “love at the time of cholera” and sells
it to an old book store and Jon writes his number on a five dollar bill which Sarah deliberately puts to circulation.

Both Sarah and Jon are engaged to different ppl ( this is seven years after they met).

Jon and Sarah make their last attempt to find each other.

He goes to Brooklyn to find her.

She goes to New York to find him.

They return back to their normal lives.

And guess what happens?

Jon’s fiancĂ© gives the first edition of “love at the time of cholera” which has Sarah’s number on it.

And Sarah gets the five dollar bill in her best friend’s purse.

This for them is the ultimate signal by”MR.FATE” himself.

So they ditch their fiancĂ©’s and begin to look for each other.

After all this drama they both find each other at the skating grounds.

And what’s cute when they meet is that they introduce themselves to each other.


They kiss...Hmmmmm...:)..!!

And if i happened to find a guy like this I’ll do the same. Conditions apply..i said if i find one who’s so charming and gorgeous. Love stories always make you all mushy. They make you feel like you have nothing in this world. Damn!! But we still like them. They make you feel hopeless at the exact same time they give you hope!! I mean what’s that all about? Why do we have to go out and look for our soul mate? Why can’t they be born right next door? This sucks!! But then again I don care..I’ll still watch them. And when I find my GUY , whoever the person maybe, whether he’s my soulmate or not I’ll definitely weave a beautiful love story. A story which might inspire my kids and grand kids...:)
This is for the future love of my life..Wherever u are...i love you!!


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